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Abstract Submission Rules


Abstract submission, 1st phase | until August 31st

Abstract submission, 2nd phase | until October 20th

  • Review | Until November 10th

Abstract submission, Last phase | until December 10th

  • Review | Until December 23rd

Before submitting your abstract, please read carefully the conference norms.

Submissions Closed

Submission Rules

Abstracts can be submitted on any Thematic area identified on the field “themes” in the submission moment. Please view the thematic areas here.

- The languages accepted are: Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish or English. The presentations should also be in any of these languages.

- The abstract must be submitted online, so the text format is automatic .

- The abstract should have no more than 500 words, excluding bibliographic references.

- It should included 3 to 5 keywords.

- Authors must not reference any names or institutions on the body text.

- Abstract presentation may include underway researches which will be concluded at the time of the conference.

- Images, graphics and tables can be attached on the submission moment. If you’re having trouble attaching files, please inform the organization.

- This is a "blind" review. It won't be necessary to send your CV. All the information related to the authors of the abstracts won't be available for the reviewers.

By submitting an abstract, you must know that in case of approval, you'll present in one of this two presentation types: Oral Communication or Poster Presentation. The decision about your abstract's presentation type will be taken by the review team. The presentation type is available at your personal area of the website.

Check the presentation rules.

You only need to send the abstract (max. 500 words). For the presentation in the congress, it won't be necessary to send the entire article.


The symposia must have, at minimum, 4 communications, which must include:

- An abstract of each communication, following the submission rules

- An abstract which summarise the thematic of the symposium

- The name of the symposium coordinator and all the authors of the communications in the symposium

- Each communication must be presented in 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion

- The proposal for the symposium must be send to the email until October 20th, 2018.


The project presentation follows the same procedures than abstract presentation, with the exception that is not submitted by the platform, but through the email

For the project presentation is mandatory to send:

- an abstract with 500 words, at maximum, where must be described the problematic, the main goals, methods and techniques of the project, and, if it's available, the main conclusions.

- The presentation is 10 min + 5 for discussion.

The proposal must be sent for, in the same deadlines that the abstract submission.


Abstract Submission - 2nd Call

until October 20th