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Presentation Rules


The Posters are submitted in PDF format, following the template chosen by the organisation until the 22nd of January. They are not presented.

They will be available online in the congress virtual area, provided that at leat on registration is associated to the poster.


Power Point version

Keynote version

Oral Communications

7 minutes for presentation followed by 3 minutes of discussion.

Language: Portuguese, Spanish or English;

Base: It is mandatory to use the official template of the congress;

Maximum 8 slides;

The document does not need to be sent previously. Each presenter will do the sharing of the document online during the presentation. Each author can, if they want, sent us until the 22nd of January, the presentation with voice in MP4 format, just in case there is any kind of tech problem.

The person that presents should be identified as such in the abstract.

Note: Each person may submit up to 3 papers (including posters and communications).


Power Point version

Keynote Version (MAC)

Symposiums/ Project Presentation

Symposium and project presentations must meet the standards indicated for Oral Communications presentations, although they have different presentation times:

  • Symposiums: 10 min per communications + 15 minutes of discussion in the end of all presentations (4 min. And more 6 communications);
  • Project presentation: 10 min + 5 discussion.


Power Point Version

Keynote Version (MAC)

Submission Rules

  • Posters and Oral Communications

    Abstracts can be submitted for any of the scientific areas identified here.

    -Maximum number of abstracts per author: 3

    -Languages for submission and presentation: Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish or English.

    -Format: the format is automatically done by the submission platform.

    -Maximum Number of Words: 500 (excluding bibliography) indicate 3 to 5 keywords

    -No names or educational institutions can be referred to in the body of the text

    -The review is “blind”, so it’s not necessary to include a curriculum in the abstract submission. The authors’ information is not revealed at any time during the review.

    -The presentation of abstracts can be focused on ongoing research as long as it’s completed by the date of the conference.

    -Types of presentation: Poster or Individual Oral Communication. The decision on the type of presentation of abstracts results from the average score given by the review team. After the review, you will receive an email informing whether or not the paper was accepted for the presentation. The type of presentation should be consulted in your personal area of the website.

    -Each oral communication will have 7 minutes of presentation and 3 minutes of discussion (check presentation norms).

    -Posters are only pinned. There will be no presentation nor discussion.

    -For the presentation in the conference, whether in poster or communication format, it will not be necessary to send the complete paper.

    If you have any further questions, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the congress secretariat through

  • Proposals for Symposiums

    -The symposiums must have at least 4 communications.

    -The abstracts of each must follow the explicit rules for abstract submission

    -The symposium has a total duration of 1 hour.

    -Each symposium communication may have up to 10 minutes of presentation and 5 minutes of discussion.

    Submission of Proposals:

    Before submitting the symposium proposal, each of the actors involved should create an account on the website. This step is fundamental so that everyone can access the symposium proposal, submit the symposium abstracts and then download the certificate.

    Once all the users are registered, the symposium coordinator should log into the website and select the tab “PROPOSALS”

    IMPORTANT NOTE: In the “Members” field, indicate all authors, including the coordinator as well in case the coordinator is also an author the abstract to be presented.

    Next step: submission of the abstracts of the symposium

    Each of the authors of the symposium should enter their own account, in the “Abstracts” zone, and make the respective submission in the field of the symposium to which it belongs.

  • Projects

    The Presentation of Projects is intended for non-profit entities/organisations that develop activity in the field of intervention in Childhood/ Adolescence.

    A proposal with maximum of 500 words should be submitted describing the problem, objectives, methods and techniques and, if they already exist, the conclusions.

    The presentation will be made in room and the authors have 10 minutes for presentation, followed by 5 for discussion. The remaining norms meet the requirements for abstract submission.

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