Chiara Saraceno

Italian Sociologist. Professor Emerita



Academic Qualifications and Professional Career

11 2006 – Research professorship "Demographic Development, Social Change,
and Social Capital" at the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB)

1999 – 2005 Chair of the Ph. D. program in Comparative Social Research at the
 University of Torino
1998 – 2001 Director and then President of the Interdisciplinary Center for
Women’s Studies (CIRSDe) at the University of Torino

1991 – 1998 Head of the Department of Social Sciences, University of Torino

1990 – 2008 Full professor in sociology of family, University of Torino, Italy,
Faculty of Political Sciences

1989 – 1990 Vice Rector of the University of Trento

1986 – 1990 Full professor in sociology of the family at the University of Trento

1975 – 1986 Associate professor in sociology of the family at the University of
Trento, Italy

1968 – 1975 Research assistant in sociology at the University of Trento

1966 Ph.D. in philosophy at the Catholic University in Milan (Università
Cattolica del Sacro Cuore), Italy 

Selected Research Projects

  • 09 2005 – Participation to a Network of Excellence on Economic Change, Quality
  • 12 2010 of Life and Social Cohesion EQUALSOC, coordinated by professor Robert Erikson, Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI),
  • Stockholm University. Within it, she chaired the research group on Family and Social Networks
  • 03 2008 – She participated to the European project on “How demographic
  • 02 2011 changes shape intergenerational solidarity, well-being, and social integration: A multilinks framework” MULTILINKS, funded under the Seventh Framework Program and coordinated by Professor Dykstra at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Within it, she coordinated a work package focusing on institutional frameworks and the development of indicators. 
  • 02 2007 – She was responsible of the German team in the project Working and 11 2009 Caring in Europe (WOUPS), funded by the French Ministry of Labour (MIRE) and coordinated by the Ecole nationale de la santé publique (ENSP) at Rennes. The aim was to explore how middle aged women in different working situations and their families deal with the demands of care coming from their frail elderly parents.
  • 2006 – 2009 She co-ordinated a project – funded by the Foundation Compagnia di S. Paolo – on social inequalities and poverty in Italy.

Participation in EU funded TSER-Projects on:

2002 – 2003 Indicators of social quality, co-ordinated by the European Foundation for Social Quality

1996 – 1999 Gender and citizenship, co-ordinated by professor Siim, University of Aalborg, Denmark Family changes and Family Policies co-ordinated by professor Flora, University of Mannheim (a Training and Mobility project)

1996 – 1998 Co-ordinated a comparative project on the evaluation of income support policies at the local level in six European countries, funded by the EU under the TSER program (Evaluation of Income Support Policies at the Local Urban Level – ESOPO).

Collaboration with Government

2000 – 2001 Represented the Ministry of Social Affairs in the Social Protection Committee at the EU Commission

1999 – 2001 Chair of the Italian Poverty Commission at the Prime Minister Office, after having been member of the same Commission for various years.

1995 – 2001 Represented the Ministry of Social Affairs at the working party on social policy at the OECD

1995 – 2001 Consultant to the Minister of Social Affairs on issues concerning poverty and social exclusion and family policies. In this capacity, she was member of government commissions on the reform of the welfare state and monitored the experimental introduction of an income support measure (RMI) in selected Italian municipalities.

1990 – 1994 Italian expert in the EC Observatory on Policies for Combating Social Exclusion.

Other Positions (memberships, collaborations, engagements)

Presently Editorialist for the newspaper "La Repubblica"

2007 – Member of the board of the Foundation Unidea and of the Fondazione Gorrieri.

2005 – 2009 Collaboration with the Maastricht School of Governance for a PhD program on comparative social policies.

1995 – 2009 Member of various scientific committees at ISTAT, the Italian national Statistical Office

1999 – 2008 Participation in the Consiglio Generale of the main Italian Foundation, la Compagnia di S. Paolo for two terms, first as representative of the municipality of Torino and then as distinguished scholar

1996 – 2008 Editorialist for the newspaper "La Stampa" Guest Professorships and Fellowships

05 2000 Invited professor at the Ph.D. program on European Studies, Sciences PO, Paris

05 1997 Distinguished scholar of the Danish Academy of Social Sciences

05 1986 Invited professor at the Ph. D. Program in Sociology at the Department of Sociology, Universidad Autonoma, Barcelona

07 – 08 1985 Fellow at the New School for Social Research, New York

1981 – 1982 German Marshall Fund fellow at the Bunting Institute, Radcliffe College, Harvard University


2005 Nominated Grand Ufficiale (Great knight) of the Italian Republic by the President of the Italian Republic

2010 The “Bogianen” distinction by the Chamber of Commerce, Piemont, Italy Honoured for her academic work as well as for her commitment against social inequality. "Bogianen" comes from the Piedmontese dialect, means fearless, persistent.

Member of the board of editors of the following journals:

2007 – "Social Policy & Administration"

2006 – "Zeitschrift für Familienforschung" | "Retraite et Societé" | "European Societies" | "European Sociological Review"

until 2006 "Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia"

2005 – "Stato e Mercato " | " Sociología Problemas y Práctica"

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