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  • eventQualia

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    In each step we take, we constantantly remind ourselves of our social responsibility. Therefore, we acknowledge that innovation can impact not only people's knowledge but also their wellbeing, that’s the reason why we catalyse ideas and promote events contributing to public debate and society’s information in general.

    Inform, Divulge and Support are keywords.

    We intend to inform the population in general, divulge and discuss technicians' and researchers' work and to support non-profit organizations.

  • Social Pediatrics Section of the Portuguese Pediatrics Society

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    The SPS's mission is to protect and promote the protection of the Rights of Children and Youngers in an evolving society, promoting research, implementing good practices.

    The SPS aims to be a meeting point of several related disciplines developing an integrative process, interacting and amplifying concepts and attitudes that, once applied, can contribute to the overall health of children, adolescents, families and to the community overall.

  • SpeCan


    As a non-profit association, SPECAN was founded in 2011 by a group of professionals who represents the majority of the areas related with abused and neglected children, including Law, Medicine, Psychology, Sociology, Services of Childhood and Youth Protection, among others. The SPECAN aims to promote the development and diffusion of the scientific and technical investigation in these areas, on a multidisciplinary approach to the several ways of abuse and negligence of children, in order to prevent and act on this situations.

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