Isabel Menezes

Professor and Researcher; President of SPCE

Isabel Menezes holds a bachelor's degree in Theater (ESAP), a degree and a PhD in Psychology and Aggregate in Educational Sciences from the U.Porto, where she is  Professor at the Department of Educational Sciences/OEI Chair in Education for Citizenship/Education for Citizenship Global. Is in charge of the Center for Educational Research and Intervention (CIIE). Her research focuses on the civic and political participation of children, youth and adults, and on the ways in which formal and non-formal education (including community art) can play an empowering role in relation to politics; other research interests include the social responsibility of universities, doctoral education and the boundaries between research and intervention. Currently, coordinates projects on education for climate change as a tool to promote the political agency of young people. Chairs the Board of the Portuguese Society of Educational Sciences.


Professor at Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences Porto, Portugal

My research deals with the civic and political participation of children, young people and adults, with a special interest in groups at risk of exclusion and the ways formal and non-formal education (including artistic) experiences can generate more complex ways of relating with the political. More recent interests include doctoral education, university social responsibility and environmental education. I use quantitative, qualitative and participatory methods.

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