Ana Santos

Técnica Superior (Direção Municipal de Políticas Sociais- CMVNG)

With a PhD from Universidade Aberta, and developing the Thesis project: Paths of autonomy and participation in children at residencial care. With a Master Degree in Intervention in Childhood and Youth at Risk of Exclusion by Higher Institut of Social Service in Porto. Post-graduated in European Perspectives on Social Inclusion in Educational Sciences by Faculty of Pshycology and Educational Sciences by Oporto University. Trainer in the areas of Sociocultural Animation; Project, management and monitoring; Victimology (Children at Risk and particularly Vulnerable Victims). Superior Profissional in the Municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia, where she helpedd functions as Vice-president and president of the CPCJ for over more than a decade. Currently responsible for monitoring and developing municipal projects in the areas of Education and Social Inclusion, respectively in the prevention of absenteeism and/or school dropout. Author of the book "O Modelo de Proteção à Infância: Entre a Justiça e a Comunidade (2016) and the chapter "O gestor de Caso na CPCJ" in the book "Da infância à terceira idade: Intervenção em Contextos de Violência e no crime - Guia Prático para Estudantes e Profissionais" (2018)

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