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Abstract Submission


Abstract Submission 1st Call | Until September 15, 2023

Abstract Submission - 2nd Call | Until December 20, 2023

Communication of Results 1st Call - Up to October 1st, 2023

Communication of Results 2nd Call | Up to December 23, 2023

Before submitting your abstract, please read the conference rules carefully.

Submission rules

Abstracts may be submitted for any of the scientific areas identified here.

1| Maximum number of abstracts per author: 3
2| Languages for submission and presentation: Portuguese, Spanish or English.
3| Formatting: Formatting is done automatically by the submission platform.
4| Maximum No. of Words: 500 (excluding bibliography) Indicate 3 to 5 keywords.
5| Neither names nor institutions may be referenced in the body text.
16| The review is "blind", so it is not necessary to include a resume in the abstract submission. Authors' information is not revealed at any time during the review.

Presentation Types:
Oral Communication

The decision on the type of abstract presentation results from the average grade assigned in the review process. After the review, you will receive an email informing whether or not the paper has been accepted for presentation. The type of presentation should be checked in your personal area of the website.
- Each Oral Paper will have 7 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for discussion (see presentation rules).
- The presentation of posters in person will have 3 minutes with 2 minutes of discussion.
- Online Posters have no presentation with discussion.
- For the presentation in the congress, either in Poster or Communication format, it will not be necessary to send the complete paper/paper.

If you have any additional questions, please consult the FAQ or contact the congress secretariat at

Submit Abstract

Symposia must have a minimum of 4 papers.
The abstracts of each paper must follow the rules explained for abstract submission.
The symposium has a total duration of 1 hour.

Proposal submission:
1| Before submitting the symposium proposal, each of the involved authors must create an account on the site. This step is fundamental so that everyone can access the symposium proposal, submit the symposium abstracts and, afterwards, download the certificate.
2| Once all users are registered, the symposium coordinator must log into the site and select the "PROPOSALS" tab
3| Choose the option "Submit new proposal"
4| Fill in all fields.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the "Members" field, indicate all authors, including the coordinator, if he/she is also the author of an abstract to be presented.

Next step: submission of symposium abstracts
- Each of the symposium authors should log into their own account and submit the abstract within the symposium proposal.

Submit Symposium

The Presentation of Projects is intended for entities / non-profit organizations that develop activity in the field of intervention in Childhood / Adolescence.
The application for project presentation at ICCA should be sent by email to, with as much information as possible.
The presentation will take place in a room. Each project has 10 minutes for presentation, followed by 5 minutes for questions and answers.