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Presentation Rules

The presentation type is defined in the review/evaluation process. After receiving the abstract acceptance email, you should check your presentation type in the personal area of the website.

Posters (in-person presentation)

The formatting must obey the following rules:

- Base: it is mandatory to use the official congress template. (Template available soon)

- Font: Arial

- 3 minutes presentation with 2 minutes for discussion.

NOTE: Each participant can present up to 3 papers (including posters and communications)

Posters (online presentation)

Information available soon


- 7 minutes for presentation followed by 3 minutes of discussion. Participants are requested to respect the stipulated time in order to avoid delays in the program. Language: Portuguese, Spanish or English.

  • - The use of the official congress template is mandatory. Maximum of 8 slides (available soon)
  • - The file must be sent through the personal area of the website, until January 22nd. Presentations sent by email or transported in pen-drives to the congress venue will not be considered by the organization. Please check the file carefully before submitting as no changes are allowed on the congress site.
  • - For logistical reasons, the use of powerpoint presenter mode (view with notes) is not allowed. The participant should carry any support material he/she may need (paper, tablet, pointer, etc.)
  • - After the congress, authors will be invited to submit their paper for publication in the congress ebook. Publication is optional and subject to revision.

Note: Each participant can present up to 3 papers (including posters and communications)

Symposia/Project Presentations

Symposium and project presentations should follow the guidelines for Oral Communications presentations, although they have different presentation times:

-Symposium duration : 60 minutes

-Minimum number of papers: 4 must be presented by 4 different presenters