Maria Filomena Gaspar

Professor and Researcher - University of Coimbra (Universidade de Coimbra)

Maria Filomena Ribeiro da Fonseca Gaspar, PhD

Professora Associada da FPCE Universidade de Coimbra (Associate Professor)

Investigadora do Centro de Estudos Sociais (Researcher at CES)


Bachelor in Psychology and a Master in Educational Psychology. In 1999, doctorate in Educational Psychology by Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação da Universidade de Coimbra (FPCE.UC) (Psychology and Educational Sciences College, University of Coimbra), in collaboration with the Department of Experimental Psychology of Oxford in the United Kingdom in the thematic of socio-educational intervention with families for promotion of child development.

Associated Professor of FPCE.UC. Faculty in the 1st cycle of Educational Sciences’ programme, Masters in Educational Sciences and in the inter-university  doctorate programme of Universidade de Coimbra (University of Coimbra) and Universidade de Lisboa (University of Lisbon) in Clinical Psychology: Family Psychology and Familiar intervention, as in the Doctorate programme in Educational Sciences: expertise in Education, Community development and Adult Training and in Teaching organisation, Learning and Teacher training. She is also faculty, co-coordinator and co-organizer in the remote  training programme of UC: Parental Education. She coordinates the masters programme of FPCE-UC in Social Education, Development and Local Dynamics.

Researcher in the center POSTRADE of the Social Studies Center (CES). Researcher in the Collaborative Laboratory (ProChild CoLab aContra a Pobreza e a Exclusão Social”.

Develops researches in the areas of familiar and parental education, parental burnout and socio-educational intervention based in evidences with children, youth and families. She is the Portuguese member of the International Consortium: Investigation of Parental Burnout (IIPB) that researches the parental burnout in the world.

Parental Educator trained and certified in the based programme in evidence Incredible Years (parents and educators/teachers) and Parenting Wisely and Children in Between and author of the programme Mais Famílias (More Families) and Crianças no Meio do Conflito (Children in the middle of Conflict). She coordinates several promoting projects of Parental Positiva (Positive Parental) in Portugal, in a integrated local level in the Planos Integrados e Inovadores de Combate ao Insucesso Escolar ( Integrated Programmes and Innovators of Combat of Academic failure) and also in national level in the Projeto Adéliade Promoção de Parentalidade Positiva (Project Adélia of promotion of Positive Parenthood) coordinated by Comissão Nacional de Promoção dos Direitos e Proteção de Crianças e Jovens (National Committee of Children and Youth rights and protection promotion) .

Family Therapist by the Sociedade Portuguesa de Terapia Familiar (Portuguese society of Family Therapy) and she gives appointments as a volunteer win community service.

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