The International Conference on Childhood and Adolescent emerged from the challenge of debating openly and multidisciplinary, a set of issues of transversal interest to the various profissional and academic areas related to Children and Adolescents. With already four successful editions, with around 500 participants per edition, ICCA has been creating a congress model based on formal and informal sharing of experiences, knowledge and contacts. Bringing together participants from the 5 continents, who in the three days of conference, have the opportunity to witness and contribute to the discussion on various themes related to childhood and adolescence. Medicine, Psychology, Education, Sports, Nutrition, Sociology and Law are just a few of the several areas that have led to the success of this initiative since its first edition.

With new subjects, new speakers and the same will to provide a memorable moment of sharing, ICCA returns in 2021 with a new format adapted to the new social situation., ICCA will be available online so anyone from all around the world can still participate and contribute.

Edições Anteriores


Oporto - Centro de Congressos da Alfândega

456 participants from several countries; 15 round tables, 5 lectures, 128 oral communications, 104 posters, 14 project presentations; awards given in three categories: best oral communication, best poster and best project.

Held between 26 and 28 January 2017 at the Alfândega do Porto, the first edition of ICCA fulfilled the goal of establishing itself as a place to share knowledge and multiple experiences in relation t the major theme under discussion “New Social issues of Childhood- the child in the center of the debate”. The 2017 edition was also characterised by the participation of institutions that work on Issues related to Children, with a broad experience of action and intervention, which significantly enriched the purpose of the event. The organisational committee along with eventQualia, selected a heterogeneous set of speakers in order to ensure an open and enriching dialogue for everyone.

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Lisbon - Olaias Park Hotel

559 participants; 15 round tables, 67 speakers, 4 lectures, 391 submitted abstracts, 168 oral communications, 129 Posters, 7 project presentations, 4 symposiums.

ICCA’s second edition took place from the 25 to 27 of January 2018, at Olaias Park Hotel in Lisbon. The participants had the chance to reflect and debate a set of relevant and current issues related to the universe of Children and Adolescent, with the motto launched by over 65 speakers specialised in several areas. Sleep, Childhood abuse, Competition and Injury, Addictions, Parenting, The child and Space, nNew and Old Diets and Diseases, Risks and Environment, Subcultures, Poverty and Welfare, Body and Image, Moral, Empathy and Autism, Multiculturalism and Education, were some of the discussed themes in this edition. With participants from all over the world, ICCA18 settled the foundations laid in 2017, providing a memorable moment of sharing experiences and knowledge.

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Porto - Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda

414 participants; 12 round tables, 62 speakers, 3 lectures, 349 submitted abstracts, 182 oral communications, 95 Posters, 7 project presentations, 2 symposiums, 2 book presentations.

In its 3rd edition ICCA came back to Porto, from 23 to 25 of January 2019, at Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda. As in previous years, the participants had the opportunity to explore a multidisciplinary view on the social issues of Childhood and Adolescence, guided by 62 speakers and moderators specialised in the several areas. New Family Models, Neo-development in Women, Autonomy and Dependence, Positive Parenthood, Organic and Functional Illnesses, Palliative Care, Right to Privacy, Gender and Sex Identity, Deinstitutionalisation and Nutritional Education, were some of the topics discussed. Once again, ICCA was the stage for Unique and memorable experiences of sharing, contact and open debate among several areas.

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Lisbon - Ramada Lisbon Hotel

382 participants; 9 round table, 47 speakers, 1 lecture, 1 interview, 326 submitted abstracts, 201 oral communications, 75 Posters, 2 communication symposiums, 1 Industry symposium.

ICCA’s 4th edition happened in Lisbon, from the 23 to the 25 of January 2020, at Ramada Lisbon Hotel. Besides new themes, in this edition we have testimonies in the 1st Person in several sessions. Teenagers, Parents, Educators and others shared their testimonies and improved the debate.

Multidisciplinary Approach in Justice Systems; Social and Family Dimension of Illness; Neurodevelopment; Multiculturalism, Belief and Ilness; Speech Therapy and Inclusive Education; Dating and Peer Violence; Healthy sayings and Sustainable Food Systems; Socialization in the Internet Age; Deinstitutionalisation; Gender Identity and Development; Additions; Abuses and Bad Treatment were some of the debated themes.

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