Carmen Sánchez Hernández

Departamento de Derecho Civil, Universidade de Málaga

Carmen Sánchez Hernández has a bachelor degree in law by the Universidad de Málaga (1990) and has the Premio Extraordinary de Licenciatura. She is doctorate in Law by the Universidad de Málaga (1995) and Full Professor of Civil Law (2000). She was coordinator of the masters degree of Mediation since the Academic Degree 2010/11 of the Faculdad de Derecho de la Universaidad de Málaga until 2015/2’16. Before she was the Academic Director of the degree of Mediation and Extrajudicial of conflicts in the Faculdad de Derecho de la Universidad de Málaga (Academic degree 2003/2004), Expert Title in Mediation (Academic degree 2004/2004); Master in Mediation (Academic degrees 2005/06; 2006/07; 2007/08; 2008/09). Research sections: 3 six-year periods. Faculty sections: 5 five-year periods. Stays in foreigns Investigations centres: Law School of Regensburg University (Germany); Law School of Colonia University (Germany); Law School of Phanteón-Assas University. Paris II (France) and Law school of Lisbon University (Portugal.

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