The International Conference on Childhood and Adolescent emerged from the challenge of debating openly and multidisciplinary, a set of issues of transversal interest to the various profissional and academic areas related to Children and Adolescents. With already five successful editions, with around 500 participants per edition, ICCA has been creating a congress model based on formal and informal sharing of experiences, knowledge and contacts. Bringing together participants from the 5 continents, who in the three days of conference, have the opportunity to witness and contribute to the discussion on various themes related to childhood and adolescence. Medicine, Psychology, Education, Sports, Nutrition, Sociology and Law are just a few of the several areas that have led to the success of this initiative since its first edition.

With new subjects, new speakers and the same will to provide a memorable moment of sharing, ICCA returns in 2022 with a new hybrid format adapted to the new social situation., ICCA will be available online so anyone from all around the world can still participate and contribute.

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