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Detalhe de atividades

Workshop 2 - Collaborative Approach on the Intervention Amongst Children and Young People with Addictive Behaviours

Organised by SICAD (General Directorate for Intervention on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies)

The workshop will be conducted exclusively in Portuguese, with no translation available. Please note that this activity is only suitable for Portuguese Speaking participants. Organised by SICAD (Service for Intervention on Addictive Behaviours)


a) From promotion to prevention;

b) Identifying risk factors, danger and protection;

c) Intervention on Promotion and Protection Processes;

d) Exploration and discussion of study cases;

e) Final Remarks


Intervention amongst children and youth with addictive behaviours represents, for field professionals, a multitude of challenges, when it comes to answer this specific group necessities. 

This workshop intends to explore the different strands of addictive and dependant behaviours on children and young people. A specific intervention model will be analysed as well as its’ adaptation for this niche, from prevention to integration, with special focus on the clinical approach.  


The approach will mainly be a practical one, including discussion and analysis of specific cases, allowing the identification of necessary resources, operational dynamics, as well as potential difficulties and step backs to overcome.


Healthcare Professionals ( paediatricians, Child Psychiatrists, Family Medicine Specialists, Nurses and Therapists), Psychologists, Sociologists, Social Workers and Education Professionals.


The maximum number of attendees is of 24, which will be divided amongst 3 groups.

Expected Results

The workshop will provide professionals with specific tools to better approach children and young people with such behaviours, contributing for a better more successful intervention on this matter.


Domingos Duran
Chefe de Divisão (SICAD)


Irene Reis


Raul Melo