Inês Afonso Marques

Psychologist and Psychotherapist

I like reading and writing. I like laughing and playing. I like the simplicity and authenticity of children. I like the crossroads of adolescents. I like the fascinating  way of the themes of parenthood.

It was early that I decided that it was with children and adolescents that I wanted to grow as a professional. I believe that each child and adolescent has within you a huge potencial and I believe that I have a lot to learn with them.

All future flowers are today’s seeds.

I believe (and experience daily) that each child has within them a set of valuable seeds that watered with attention, love and affection  give the most beautiful flowers. As a psychotherapist I feel an immense satisfaction to, everytime each flower in development need help, contribute, based on strict science for their well-balanced growth.

I face each flower with their own self characteristics as a special and unique challenge in therapy. I seek to translate what so many times it hard for them to put into words. I seek that parents and children feel connected emotionally and full-filled, reducing the impact of  growth “little pains” or “pranks” that the mind and body decide to do to the little ones. One day the garden will be filled with more confident, resilient and happy flowers.


My training path began in the Faculdade de Psicologia e Ciências da Educação da Universidade de Lisboa (Psychology and Educational Sciences of Lisbon University). In my bachelor I gave the first steps in a journey where the search for actualisation and professional specialisation were constant.

I took a post-graduating training in Psychotherapy with children and adolescents in the Associação Portuguesa de Terapias Comportamental e Cognitiva (Portuguese Association of Behavioural and cognitive Therapies). Besides the strong theoretical component of this training, the personal development and clinical supervision, built an enormous  added-value to the recognition of the level of Psychotherapist as an advanced speciality by the Ordem de Psicólogos Portugueses (Portuguese Psychologists Order).

The fascination by the neurosciences and by the neurodevelopment led me to a post graduation in Paediatrics Neuropsychology, doing also research work that allow me to go deep into the two themes that were most interesting to me: prematurity and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The training in EMDR with expertise in the area of children and adolescents allowed me to access to a proven approach in the resolution of traumatic situations. More recently I deepened my knowledge in advanced and specialised in 3rd generation Therapies with children and adolescents.

I wrote four books  "É tão bom fazer amigos" (2014), with the coauthor with Rita Castanheira Alves, "Crescemos Juntos. 365+1 Inspirações para uma parentalidade feliz", (2018),  "A brincar também se educa" (2019) e "Sonhar com o arco-íris" (2020).

My clinical experience accounts with a journey of 15 years, having the opportunity to, through time, contact with different contexts (public and private schools, companies, private clinical) and different age range (since the crib to the university).

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