Lídia Marôpo

Professor and Researcher - IPS e CICS.NOVA

Lidia Marôpo is an assistant professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, Portugal, and researcher at the Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences (CICS.NOVA). She has a master degree and a PhD in Communication Sciences from the NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa and she is also a member of the portuguese team of the project H2020 Yskills (2020-2024). She coordinated the project Competências de Informação para Jovens da Era Digital (CIJED) financed by IPS (2020-2021). She has published extensively on different aspects of the relationship between children, youth and media and has worked in international trainee programs on children’s rights in journalism. Her areas of interest also include journalism studies, cyberactivism and media and identity.


Research Interests:

Children and Media. Children’s rights. Journalism. Identity. Digital Media.



Main Projects:

Main Publications:

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