Geert Jørgensen

Independent consultant and Professional Board Member - Development of social services (Independent consultant)



Geert Jørgensen Have worked in the social sector since 1979. First as director of a Special School and a Group Home. From 1997 with policy making, and quality development of social services as managing director of LOS - the National Organization of Group Homes and Special Schools, where they developed an accreditation model for social services, and a guidelines aiming to increase the quality of Group Homes among other on inclusion of children in care and prevention of restraints and sexual abuse. Since 2015 he has worked as an independent consultant and professional board member. Member of several boards in the social sector over the years including JCCI (Joint Council of Child Issues) in Denmark from 1998-2007, and as President from 2007- 2013. Member of Eurochild Management Board from 2016 – 2019. Among the many boards has also been, Group Homes in Denmark and Greenland and foundations supporting social work and a drop-in center for people with care experience, as well as following groups to research projects on CiAC. Member of the Committee on Restraints for Children in Alternative Care under the Ministry of Children and Social Affair with a focus on rights of the child and a minimum of intervention, and of the Government Commission on Juvenile Delinquency with a focus on restorative justice.

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