Beata Kulig

Advocacy advisor at SOS Children’s Village Poland | Eurochild

Beata Kulig has been working in foster care since 2008 as an advocacy advisor at SOS Children’s Village Poland (hereinafter: SOS CV Poland), additionally in charge of Child Protection Policy. She is also SOS CV Poland’s representative in Polish Foster Care Coalition (hereinafter: PFCC) and cooperates with Eurochild.

Beata Kulig has collaborated in numerous foster care-aimed projects in Poland, such as “Creation and implementation of research tool to verify deinstitutionalisation of foster care in districts of Poland”. She was a member of working group established by Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Policy whose aim was to write “Project of national strategy of development and deinstitutionalisation of social services in Poland till 2040”, in which she was co-writing its chapter dedicated to children, youth and family. Beata Kulig is a an author of many analyses and reports on foster care and its deinstitutionalisation in Poland.

As trainer Beata Kulig coaches parents and foster parents, teachers, staff of social care system and Polish state court probation officers on trauma and support to trauma-affected people. She practises the method of TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention).

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