Teresa Almeida

Project Cres(SER) Coordinator

  • Psychologist at the Shared Assistance Resources Unit of the Baixo Vouga Group of Health Centers, working at the Águeda Health Center, with a specialty in clinical psychology from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at UPorto (1981);
  • It has always been dedicated to community intervention projects, working in multidisciplinary and multisectoral teams, within the scope of health promotion and prevention;
  • Experience as an associative leader, on a voluntary basis, between 2001 and 2016, where she also develops intervention projects in the community especially dedicated to vulnerable families; Internally boosted the development of the “Fora de Portas” project (outdoor education from the cradle)
  • Currently is part of the Support Center for Children and Youth at Risk, having been part of the CPCJ in Águeda for 7 consecutive years;
  • Collaborates with the community intervention project of the child psychiatry service at Centro Hospitalar do Baixo Vouga, being part of the local team and acting as the link with the municipal entities, within the scope of child psychiatry consultancy.
  • Was part of the Training and Research Unit of ACES Baixo Vouga;
  • Currently coordinates the Cres(SER) Project - Mental Health in Pregnancy and Early Childhood and integrates the Cres(SER) Ká Fora team, as a subproject of Cres(SER)
  • Has a special interest in promoting health literacy, in issues related to attachment, in working with parents, especially during the first 1000 days, in promoting quality pedagogical practices in day care centers and in promoting outdoor education, in contact with the nature.

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