Tatiana E. Gorney

Member of the board of European Network Eurochild

Tatiana E. Gorney earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Lancaster University UK. She obtained a Certificate and Diploma in Person Centered Counseling from the Institute of Counseling and Psychological Studies of Greece in collaboration with Strathclyde University of Glasgow. She continued her studies in the education of children and young people on the autism spectrum disorder at Arizona State University USA, where she received her Masters of Education (Med) with honors.

Since 2008 she has collaborated with Roots Research Center NGO, member of the European Network Eurochild and she is currently a member of the board. She has been trained in issues of deinstitutionalization from esteemed colleagues of the Eurochild network and from specialists of international organizations such as IFCO, FICE, Hope and Homes and more. She has specialized in developmental trauma and attachment for children with no parental care. She conducts training seminars for current or prospective foster parents and parents who have or want to adopt children and to professional that work in the field of institutional care with the goal of an effective alternative care in Greece.

She continues her education in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and practice (DDP) which specializes in developmental trauma, family therapy and the therapy of children and young people with a history of abuse or neglect.

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