Hugo Cunha Lança

Professor and Researcher at IP Beja

Hugo Cunha Tecla was born in Beja, on February 22th, 1975, the city where he insists on residing, married, allegedly heterosexual. Proudly a simple country boy, he lived in Lisbon to study law and later returned often to become a master at the Catholic University of Lisbon. Later, he flew regularly to Porto, where he obtained a PhD at the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto with a dissertation on the imperative of protecting children from the content available on the internet. Currently, he is Adjunct Professor at IPBeja (where he has been coordinating two degrees for many years), Invited Auxiliary Professor at ISMAT, Integrated Doctoral Researcher at CEAD and Coordinator of the Research Line Liberdade e Justiça and CEDIS – Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Nova de Lisboa. In his free time, he is a columnist in the regional media, writes prose and legal literature, being obsessed with questions and not concerned with seeking answers.

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