Tito Campos e Matos

Vice President of the Portuguese Council for Refugees

Tito Campos e Matos is currently Vice-President/Deputy Executive Director of the Portuguese Council for Refugees (CPR) and researcher at SOCIUS/CSG. He graduated in Sociology and Planning at ISCTE/Instituto Universitário de Lisboa and completed a Master's Degree in Population, Society and Territory at IGOT/UL – Instituto da Geografia e do Ordenamento do Território. He is currently attending the Doctoral Program in Economic and Organizational Sociology at ISEG/UL – Higher Institute of Economics and Management. At CPR, he was Coordinator of the Employment and Vocational Training Service, Project Coordinator and, more recently, Director of the Reception Center for International Protection Applicants. Between 2011 and 2017, he worked at Future Health Biobank, Células Estaminais Cryopreservation Laboratory, having served as Country Manager for Portugal. Throughout his professional and academic career, he has collaborated with several research centers at ISCTE/IUL (CET, CIES, INESLA) and at the University of Lisbon (CEG). His main research areas are international migrations and Organizations.

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