Madalena Sofia Oliveira

University Teacher (Professora Auxiliar ISSSP - Convidada IUCS-CESPU | UM-ISMAI)

Madalena Sofia Oliveira holds a PhD in psychology, a master's degree in forensic sciences and a degree in social work. Assistant Professor at ISSSP and guest at IUCS-CESPU and UMaia-ISMAI. Integrated Researcher at the JusGov-UMinho Center for Research in Justice and Governance, where she is dedicated to the study of victimology, with emphasis on violence in intimate relationships, intergenerational transmission of violence, child abuse and neglect. Co-coordinator of the forensic psychology and social areas at the Portuguese Association of Forensic Sciences, of which she is a member. Member of SPECAN. Consultant in public and private entities in the field of victimology.

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